It was so great to know you


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Many people in El Paso were saddened last week by the loss of a great friend and Conservation Ambassador Extraordinaire, Takota the Golden Eagle.

Takota no doubt reached more people for conservation in our community than any other animal in recent memory. He went to schools and appeared before thousands at football games, community events like the Poppies Fest and many other locations across the city. One evening he appeared in front of nearly 10,000 people at the Music Under the Stars program at Chamizal National Memorial.

Golden Eagles have long been admired by people around the world and are one of best known birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere. Takota helped all of us connect with Golden Eagles in the wild and all of his ancestors that have flown high above the earth with others of their kind for thousands of years.

Today we are all better for having known Takota. He taught us to respect the earth and all the other creatures that live within the domain of the Eagle. He inspired us when he was with us, and now today and into the future, to fight for the earth and all the wildness that remains.

The Pueblo tribes here in the Southwest consider the Golden Eagle as one of the six directional guardians, associated with the upward direction, spirituality, and balance. In other legends, the Golden Eagle serves as a messenger between humans and the Creator. To everyone who knew Takota he was all of what the legends say and more.

Rest in Peace our dear friend.



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