Thank you Representative Svarzbein

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My city representative is Peter Svarzbein.  With all the bad news about climate change coming out of our nations capital, I was heartened to hear the news of how people like French President Emmanuel Macron and other world leaders responded with displeasure to President Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Today I read a report on about how my representative Peter Svarzbein, a man who truly cares about our future, put on the El Paso’s City Council agenda a topic where our city will discuss joining more than 300 mayors across the country in upholding Paris Climate Agreement goals.

For those of us who are have been on the planet more than two or three decades we have experienced climate change in many ways.   We have seen it, felt it and have little doubt that the actions of human civilization have affected our climate.   When I visited Glacier National Park in Montana last fall I saw first hand how the glaciers I had seen over 30 years ago were no longer visible.  Ask the people who live in Montana what is going on.  Ask the people who live along ocean shore lines.   To deny human caused climate change is to deny that the earth is round.

We respect the findings of scientists who are recording all the changes the world is experiencing every day.   Because of the effects of climate change our children face an uncertain future.   I hope that the El Paso City Council will join other cities across the US in upholding the climate goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.  If you do not know where your representative stands on climate change now would be a could time to find out.