If we don’t fix us who will?

How_to_Fix_U.S._13_squareWe have a lot of problems in this country and every day we are reminded of just how bad things have become.   Let’s start with our President.  The very fact that he was elected and remains in office is a sign of the times.  People are so fed up with our government and our society that they will go to extremes in reacting to it.  The Trump factor is real and its here to stay unless we want things different.

Then there is school safety.  If we can’t protect our kids as they develop into adults what does that say about our country?   Our Federal Government certainly can’t fix this problem.  What will it take for them to act in a way that protects our way of life and our kids too?   I fear that the shootings in schools and other public places including gun violence is only going to rise.  We go to the polls electing our leaders, but today our leaders are failing us.

The answer to all this mess?   I would say we all need to just stop, look in the mirror and do something.    Let’s make our world a great place to live for all.