Don’t miss Parts Unknown this Sunday


Anthony Bourdain was one of my all time favorite TV show personalities.  I loved the way he told stories of his food adventures from around the world.  I had hoped to meet him someday thinking that he might come to El Paso like in 2013 when he visited Las Cruces filming an episode on New Mexico.   I wish I had known that he was headed to Big Bend National Park where I worked for nearly 17 years.  I would have done all I could to find a way to go down the Rio Grande with him and his crew.   Now that he is dead I can only admire this weekend’s episode.  It’s called West Texas and CNN will air it Sunday night, October 21, 2018.

This past March Angell Expeditions took Anthony on a trip on the Rio Grande through Santa Elena Canyon.  The canyon forms the border between the US and Mexico at Big Bend National Park in Texas and the Santa Elena Protected Area in Chihuahua.   Angell Expeditions described the trip on their website –  “In March we had the privilege of taking Anthony Bourdain and his crew on an overnight river trip through Santa Elena Canyon to film an episode of Parts Unknown. For a day, we were pulled into Tony’s orbit and, for many reasons, it was the grandest overnight trip we’ve ever had. The man was kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and inspiring to be around. Our discussions were critical to the times as well as fun and light-hearted. He had the ability and platform to shed light on important issues in a way that was so very human, everyone could understand and relate.”

On a final note if you enjoyed Bourdain’s work like me you can watch all of his past CNN episodes online.  Simply download the CNN app on your phone.

The famous Rock Slide inside Santa Elena Canyon from the Mexican side and the Santa Elena Canyon Protected Area in Chihuahua.   Photo by Rick LoBello



One thought on “Don’t miss Parts Unknown this Sunday

  1. good to hear from you Rick….enjoyed the article and remembering our trip to Big Bend NP.
    I am off to India in a few days for another month….will be meeting with The Nature Conservancy
    team in N. Delhi and staying with an ecologist/conservationist in the Jim Corbett NP (India’s first).
    You fill my heart.


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