Go for the snow this winter

snow geese
Snow Geese at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge by Rick LoBello

Happy Holidays everyone. 

It’s a wonderful time of year and I am making plans for another trip to my favorite winter spot near El Paso – Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.   Last year I made a little video about the refuge that I sent out at Christmas time.  I sent it to my friend Jim Tolbert who decided to make it his video of the week at elpasonaturally.com.  Thanks Jim.

If you have not been to Bosque del Apache then consider giving yourself a special gift this Christmas with family and friends.  Located 176 miles north of El Paso along 1-25 on the interstate towards Albuquerque, the refuge is the winter home to nearly 10,000 Sandhill Cranes and tens of thousands of Snow Geese.

The best way to experience this wonderland of birds is to stay at a motel in Socorro, New Mexico the night before. You will definitely want to get up very early so that you can leave Socorro about an hour before sunrise.   By arriving at first light you can experience the first flights of thousands of geese followed by sandhill cranes as they soar overhead.  Go straight to the main Flight Deck by turning left at the first intersection once you pass through the entrance gate.  Check out the refuge visitor center and flight deck the afternoon before if you have the time.

I have posted a couple of videos on YouTube to help you get some idea of what the early morning experience is like.   When you get there don’t rush home, drive the entire loop several times, bring binoculars, lunch and enjoy all the moments.

Watch this 2 minute video   Bosque del Apache at Sunrise

Sandhill Cranes at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge by Rick LoBello


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