Help build a roof in Africa


My friend Dr. Alan Goodall, who some of you may know as the author of The Wandering Gorillas, has asked me to help the Batwa in Rwanda with several projects – especially this one

I posted a blog about the Batwa late in 2018 and just recently have been in touch with Richard Ntakirutimana by SKYPE discussing ways that I can help raise funds by selling Rwandan coffee.

Whilst they only raised some $2000 of the needed $8000, they have made great progress as you can see here on the photo they just sent Dr. Goodall.

Now they desperately need funds to complete the roof – so PLEASE, PLEASE try and get ALL your friends to send some more donations via the GoFundme web site

Dr. Goodall is now working with them to get support from the Belgian Government for my ‘Dream Project’ (from several years!)

Project – Short title “Creating a Vision 2020 school for Historically Marginalised People in Rwanda”

Project – Long title ”Using the latest IT technology – to enable Historically Marginalised people in Rwanda to take advantages of  the new IT infrastructure – and thereby ‘leapfrog into the 21 st Century”

Dr. Goodall has believed for decades that this the future of education – ie not teaching but ‘Learning’  So, Teachers will have to become ‘Coaches’ – as in sports.  If you are interested in what remarkable work has already been done – look up Sugatra Mitra in Google and YouTube.

PLEASE – look up their organisation  ‘AIMPO’ via Google – and you will see the work that their amazing team are trying to do for the Batwa – who are now called ‘Historically Marginalised People”  This is because the new laws in Rwanda forbid any ethnic group names.

You will recall that these are the very people who were evicted from their traditional forest homes – to create the National Park – for GORILLAS!

Many of these people have since died. They are now in much more danger than the gorillas – who are increasing in numbers.

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