Dreaming of a peaceful world

buck mule deer

If there ever was a time for all 7 billion of us to find a way to become united like never before, that time is now.   During this pandemic and in the years ahead everyone of us needs to stay engaged, no matter how difficult.   We only have one time to make a difference for our children and future generations, and that time is now.    Yes, I am an eternal optimist and I will always dream and hope for a peaceful world where all life is respected and people live in harmony.

My rl update

Over the past six weeks I have been very fortunate to be able stay working and to telecommute from home.  Not everyone has this opportunity and I am blessed.   My main focus is keeping my team engaged with our community in every possible way by blogging about our animals and our conservation efforts and offering free distant learning programs.

Rick' Conservation blog graphic 1 proof

You can be a part of and support our efforts by simply following our blog with your email address.   And if you want to help in other ways simply let me know by sending me a text or dropping me an email.   It would be great to catch up on the phone someday too, just let me know.


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