The world needs super heroes

Every day more and more of our planet’s ecosystem is being destroyed by people who care more about short term gains rather than the future of humanity.   Last year Paulo Paulino Guajajara, an indigenous leader working to protect the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil, was shot and killed by armed men who no doubt saw him as a threat to the logging industry.

The problem in South America is the same around the globe as the world’s population climbs towards eight billion and natural resources are constantly impacted by people only wanting to survive and have a decent quality of life.   Amazingly the people who are aware of the complex problems every nation faces including the United States, oftentimes feel powerless when big money backed leaders of almost every country act irresponsibly when looked at in terms of the future of the planet.   We truly have one earth and one time, and each one of us needs to get involved and be a part of the solution.

People of the world in every country need to come together and find a better way to move forward.  Today we are not seeing the critical leadership the world needs in our hate filled capital in Washington D.C, we are not seeing that kind of leadership in other countries as well.  In spite of the best efforts and passion of those holding leadership positions in the United Nations, overall most of their efforts to bring the world together are failing.

So what can we do?   If you need inspiration all you need to do is look around.  On almost every corner of the planet there are people from all walks of life working on the ground making a difference.   Are you one of them?  If not, you don’t have to continue sitting on the sidelines.   Decide today to become a hero for the planet, perhaps even a super hero.


One thought on “The world needs super heroes

  1. thank you Rick for such an inspirational blog and heartfelt words. If it all seems too big, start in your own yard and as folks walk and drive by this might just be an inspiration to others.


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