What did the President know and when did he know it?

After hearing about the tapes President Trump made when he was interviewed by Bob Woodward I pretty much thought I had heard it all. I don’t really trust the media like I would like to and as a result most of my opinions about our President come mainly from his own actions and words.

Fortunately no one in my family has been hurt from Covid-19, but some have survived it and at least one of our friends lost both of his parents. He was a doctor working in a hospital and I assume his wife got it from him. I am so stressed by the people who don’t take Covid-19 seriously and those who continue to support a man who obviously is not protecting the American people like he should. Last year I was so concerned about his leadership that I said to myself that I thought something really bad was going to happen in 2020. Unfortunately my prediction is coming true and now I am even more fearful that it is going to get worse. Please take Covid-19 seriously and pandemic threats in the future. Speak out and get involved.

I listen to Morning Joe often, I also listen to other news sources including Fox and CNN. Remember when America found out about President Nixon and when Howard Baker asked aloud, “What did the President know and when did he know it?” 

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