Meet Judy Chidester

Judy Chidester worked for the State Department in Rwanda where she met Dian Fossey and was invited to her cabin at Karisoke to help rescue a baby mountain gorilla.

I love telling the story of Judy Chidester. Years ago when I was working on my book on the mountain gorillas Judy and I met at the Las Cruces Natural History Museum in New Mexico where I gave a talk on my efforts to help save the world famous gorillas that Dian Fossey dedicated her life to in Rwanda.

A long list of people helped me with my book and I was keen to meet as many people as possible who knew Dian Fossey. Judy lives just 30 minutes away from my home in El Paso so how lucky I was. Recently Judy and I joined some of our friends and others who were interested in our story on Zoom. In case you missed it I have uploaded it to my YouTube channel.


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