How you can help Afghanistan refugees in El Paso

Aerial image of the mountains of Afghanistan, Wikimedia Creative Commons

Afghanistan refugees arriving at Fort Bliss are some of the lucky ones. Now they have a second chance at a better life. If you would like to help them here is some information on what you can do.

Some donation items include:

  • Clothing – NEW undergarments for men, women and children
  • Long sleeve shirts, long sleeve pants and skirts for women
  • Long sleeve pants and shirts for men. Birkas and Hijabs
  • Children and infant clothing
  • Footwear – closed toed shoes, sandals, boots ALL SIZES
  • Toys – Balls and board games

Items also need to be culturally appropriate for incoming refugees which is why the community is being asked to use the Amazon wish list as a reference. To view the list click here.

Items can be donated at:

  1. Junior Enlisted Family Center: 2004 Sheridan Rd. Fort Bliss, TX 79916
  2. Armed Services YMCA: 7060 Comington Street 79930

Source – KFOX


One thought on “How you can help Afghanistan refugees in El Paso

  1. Coming from a tea professional background and interest I am looking into what
    teas they drank and would offer to guests in their own homes. I think this small gift would be a very welcoming gift. I can send you an email of what I have learned so far, Rick. paula winchester

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