How to avoid a climate disaster

3 words for you now – “Get the book”

Bill Gates has written a powerful book on the most important question everyone needs to be asking – how can we avoid a climate disaster. No matter where you stand on what is happening to our climate and no matter if you call it global warming or climate change or climate disaster, we all need to become better informed and get going in some way or other. Bill Gates is a smart and successful man and needs no introduction. What we all need on the other hand is an introduction to basic questions like why net zero, how can we get to net zero and what steps do we need to take now.

At the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens I am working on several fronts in dealing with this threat to humanity and our planet. First off I am organizing a climate crisis marketing campaign to help our community become better informed and encouraged to take action.

Join the Zoo’s Climate Crisis Action network.

Secondly I recently created a Climate Crisis Action page where you can subscribe and keep up with some of the latest information. For example Action Step #2 encourages you to check out the NASA website where you can see that our global rating for carbon in parts per million has reached 416. Many are saying that if we reach 450 it will be too late for all of us.

Get the book.


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