Supreme Court Drives Red and Blue Americas In Opposite Directions

Today’s New York Times points at the Supreme Court as being partly responsible for much of the current divide in this country. I think it is obvious to most people in this country that this small group of mortals has way too much power in telling the rest of us how we should live, yes, but what can you and I do about it?

One thing we can do is put aside our differences and look at ways we can work together on the hard topics that we don’t agree on. Sounds like a plan, but it is not working very well in Washington DC and across the land. Why? Here is my take.

The number one reason why people don’t come to the table and work together has much to do with relationships. If people don’t know each other and respect each other’s values then how in the world can they ever sit down and work on problems?

As we celebrate our Independence this weekend get to know some of your neighbors and share your love for America. Its really not hard to do.

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