Biodiversity of the Castner Range

Scaled Quail or Cotton-Top Quail by Ken Steiner. Earlier this week someone said on the Castner Range FaceBook page ( that they wanted to know more about the animals living in their natural habitat within the Castner Range.    They also wanted to know more about endangered species that were present and who could help best … Continue reading Biodiversity of the Castner Range


It was so great to know you

Many people in El Paso were saddened last week by the loss of a great friend and Conservation Ambassador Extraordinaire, Takota the Golden Eagle. Takota no doubt reached more people for conservation in our community than any other animal in recent memory. He went to schools and appeared before thousands at football games, community events … Continue reading It was so great to know you

Meet the Common Raven

On a recent trip to Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, I found this Common Raven alongside the road near the main flight deck.  Perhaps it was eating something dead nearby that was hidden in the vegetation. When I look at this wonderful creature I am reminded of how much I love … Continue reading Meet the Common Raven