My hope

A lot of people living in the United States and around the world are having a hard time sleeping. So much is happening and so fast and we fear for what tomorrow may bring. Friends and family have succumb to Covid, people are out of work and we have a new President with probably more serious issues on his plate than any Presidents in recent history.

How can our government get back on track after what happened on January 6 and can we really trust all of our elected leaders, especially those that have powerful roles in government? How can Congress continue to function if people don’t trust each other and fear that some may be giving information to those who want to topple the government and democracy? Do they really want to see the country move towards violence as a way of creating change? And should just a handful of mortals like you and I leading powerful countries like the US, Russia and China continue to be empowered to determine the fate of so many lives around the world with weak checks and balances? Yes, I have lots of questions, I only wish I had more answers. I know of only one way to find the answers, and that is to get involved in as many ways as I can.

We all need to look up a lot more often and then look at each other and find new ways to work together, no matter how different we are.

The other day after hearing the young poet Amanda Gorman read her inauguration day poem, I suddenly was inspired to write my own poem of hope. I hope that in some way it touches you or someone you love.

My Hope

By Rick LoBello

Every day, every moment I look for hope.
Hope in the face of a child,
Hope for my family,
Hope for my country,
Hope for the billions I share this planet with.

Hope is in my blood.
I cannot live without it,
When I wake up I open my eyes and look for it,
When I walk into the mountains I climb for it,
When I look in the mirror I ask for it.

My greatest wish in my life is to always have hope.
Hope must not hide from me,
I will always reach for it,
I will yearn for it with every breath I have,
And when I find it I will be thankful, always thankful.

I wish for hope in your life, yes your life.
I hope you will always know and feel it,
I hope that you will always cherish it;
I hope that you will always look for it,
And when you find it, I hope that you will share it.

Cover-James Watt, Wikimedia Creative Commons
Top-Ethan Sherbondy, Wikimedia Creative Commons
Bottom-Wolves looking up by Valerie, Wikimedia Creative Commons


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